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Swift Dog Sports - Dog Agility in the Lower Mainland Maple Ridge Vancouver Pitt Meadows Agility
Swift Dog Sports

Paige & Lucy - Great Dane

"Previous to joining Swift Dog Sports we had taken a basic dog obedience class with another business and had not gotten very far. She knew her basic commands, but rarely listened to them. We signed up for Swift Dog Sports Introductory Agility Class in Fall of 2010.  We found the small class sizes made for a great learning environment. The  instruction was tailored to meet the individual needs of each dog in the class. Lucy did not have a very strong recall,  and listened to commands at her own convenience.  After taking the classes; Lucy has a 100% recall, and can perform agility off-leash in class with other dogs around with no issues. We can leave our front door open and no longer have to fear her bolting out of it. I found that since joining, Lucy reads me a lot better and watches me extremely close in and out of class to figure out what she should be doing. She has since learned many other behaviours, and knows many tricks. Often, when people find out I do agility with Lucy they can't believe it, but with the right training, it's possible with any dog! "

Charlotte (Junior Handler) & Wilbur - Papillon 

" Classes with Tara have helped kick start our journey into dog agility. Every week is something new and she can pick out exactly things you need to work on or ways to change your handling specifically for your dog. Classes are a fun and welcoming environment and also a great opportunity for you and your dog to meet people interested in agility as well, Wilbur loves it! "

Stacey & Macho- Chihuahua Cross 

Krista & Begbie - Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

" I enrolled Begbie in the Swift Dog Sports puppy class when he was 6 months old. My goal was to increase his ability in his confidence and drive as he was unsure and not very confident in certain situations. Our work with Swift Dog Sports and Tara has helped us to meet this goal and more. Begbie is now 2 years old and has earned multiple dog agility titles in both CKC & AAC agility. "

Bruce & Gigi - Pyrenean Shepherd

" I am now training my second dog, Gigi at the Swift Dog Sports training facility. Agility is a great way to work your dog, physically and mentally. I recommend taking your dog to Swift Dog Sport's classes, you'll be surprised how quickly your dog will progress "

Diane & Watson - Lagotto Romagnolo

​" Watson started agility training in July 2015 at the age of 8 months. We first signed him up in the puppy obedience/agility combo class and he has since graduated onto the advanced agility class. Watson has made tremendous progress in overcoming some of his insecurities around new things. His confidence in his abilities has grown and he is continuing to make progress on his confidence. each week. Watson's favourite obstacle is the tunnel! "

Sandra & Tashi - Australian Shepherd Cross

​“I adopted Tashi at 10 months old from the Vancouver SPCA. She was mostly feral, under nourished and had been raised with 25 other Australian Shepherds and 13 horses in an extremely remote location near Burns Lake where she had spent her entire life tied up via a short chain to a sled dog type of dog house with little contact with people, since the previous owner did not live on the property. She had never been near roads, inside a home or car, and she was terrified of everything, everyone and nearly all noises. It took weeks after I adopted Tashi before she would allow me to touch her. After 4 months of getting her used to people and her new home environment, I began to realize that Tashi had a higher energy level than most Australian Shepherds, so she needed activities to keep her busy in positive ways and she needed some training since she was turning into an unruly, destructive dog. However, she was still too terrified to go for walks around our neighbourhood, so we decided to try the Introductory Agility Classes at Swift Dog Sports under Tara’s tutelage.

Tashi still had many fears, but Tara’s experience as a dog trainer gradually helped her to overcome those fears and develop the skills used in Agility training. The first few Introductory Agility Classes consisted of Tashi cowering in fear from the other dogs and people, and unable to do very much, but by the Introductory Graduation Class, Tashi had not only progressed very well and learned all the skills taught in the class, but she came out of her shell and began to show happiness, confidence and enthusiasm as she ran the agility exercises, something she had yet to demonstrate in any other aspect of her life.

Now Tashi has completed nearly a year of Advanced Agility classes, and she has completely transformed into a more overall confident, calm and happy dog in all aspects of her life as well as being very enthusiastic about her Agility training, thanks to Tara. If Tara can train a dog like Tashi into a competitive, successful agility dog who is now a pleasure to her family, she can work with any dog. I had tried Agility classes with my previous Australian Cattle Dog mix with other trainers, but I find Tara to be the best at Agility training. She is also excellent at helping with other training issues owners encounter with their dogs, so I have been able to not only teach Tashi Agility under Tara’s tutelage, but obedience training and correction of specific problem issues such as helping desensitize Tashi to noise, helping her learn proper dog behaviours, socialization, how to discourage problem behaviours, etc. All done in a positive reinforcement atmosphere that works.

So if you want to have fun with your dog, have a more confident and overall well trained dog, take Agility Classes at Swift Dog Sports with Tara. Your dog won’t just learn Agility, but will become better in all aspects of life and have a better bond with you and your family too.”

" Creating a stronger bond between you and your dog, one obstacle at a time "

Macho was a shy 1 yr old pup in August of 2018 when he started Swift dog sport agility class. He was from California and rescued from a bad situation. He lacked confidence and had lots of pent up energy. Fast forward a few years and he looks forward to agility class every week. He has grown into a cheeky bundle of personality. His favourite thing is tunnels. We look forward to our weekly lessons and the fun they bring.
Meet some of our students!
Wendy & Skai - Australian Kelpie

I started Skai my Australian Kelpie in Tara's Agility Foundation classes at 8 months. 2018 Tara has years of experience in teaching , coaching and competing in Agility. I wanted to build a solid foundation of skills, obstacle performance and handling . Tara works with each of her students learning their strengths and weaknesses providing balanced training to improve the team. Skai has exceeded my expectations in Competition from ADC to ATCHC in 6 months.  I recommend Tara's Coaching, seminars and classes. I've trained at both locations in Pitt Meadows & Abbotsford.